Rules Of The Road Safety Rules For Truck Drivers

The job of a commercial truck driver is one of tremendous responsibility. Truckers are responsible for handling gxfjmhgk,large trucks and tractors/trailers on the road safely. When they fail to do so accidents occur and many are injured or killed as a result.

One of the most important factors in trucker safety is the condition of the truck driver. Drivers should be well rested and alert prior to getting behind the wheel. Secondly, the driver should make sure the truck is safe to drive. This is done by doing a pre-trip inspection and a post-trip inspection each day. This involves checking critical parts of the truck and trailers. Some items that must be inspected include:

  1. Lights – this includes headlights, taillights, hookup lights, signal lights and ABS lights.
  2. Brakes – this includes service brakes, trailer brake and parking (hand) brakes.
  3. Steering Mechanism
  4. Tires Lighting devices and reflectors
  5. Horn
  6. Steering mechanism
  7. Emergency equipment
  8. Windshield Wipers
  9. Rear vision mirrors
  10. Wheels and rims
  11. Coupling devices

Once drivers begin their driving day they must be aware of their surroundings at all times. Look as far ahead as you can see. Watch out for potential road hazards like items on the road such as tires that throw a

Professional Car Dent Repair Services

Most of us have dents on our cars which ruin the look of the vehicle. It is advisable to repair the dents on your car to maintain the look and to avoid heavy car expenses. Many people prefer to repair small dents and scratches fzgmkghk,themselves with the help of DIY kits that are easily available at reasonable prices. However, it is best to hire a professional car dent repair service to remove those annoying car dents and save you lot of time and money. There are various factors one must consider while choosing your car dent repair specialist.

Certified Professional:

There are numerous car workshops that offering a wide array of denting and painting services. However, you need to select a certified professional who is experienced and knows the job well. A mechanic who is trained and certified can do the job well. You could choose a car repair shop that specializes in repairing dents to ensure that the best techniques are used to remove those dents on your car. If you visit any local car workshop, it is more likely that they will use outdated repair techniques which will cost

Hybrid Cars, a New Technology Trend

Hybrid cars are new trends, when the whole biological world is after hybrid culture then why not to try the hybrid xgkuygdculture in technology as well. And, that is the reason more and more of hybrid cards are in the market. If, you like feature of one car and model and design of another then it is not a tough deal for you to get that in the same car.

Also, if your car has met with an accident and you have given up on its repair the body shops are there to assist you and get your car back into original shape. There are many reputed and established body shops which are good at repairing and also help in providing estimate for the car , which makes it easier and worth for you.

Body shops for hybrid electric cars these days are in bulk so if in case you are searching for options then do not worry you can always have multiple options. From decent looking car stickers to the fancy and strumming designs for cover to other designs you will get lots of options.

To repair your damage car:

The body

Buy certified Used cars from effective Toyota Dealerships

Certified used cars along with manufacturer’s warranty typically need to meet greater detailing, mechanical and appearance standards. Big dealers have a huge selection of certified used cars to present before you for a test drive. When you have decided to buy a used car from Toyoto dealership, you are likely to make your experience good. An effective Toyota Dealerships are committed to bring you the best quality certified used cars on the road. All certified used car should meet or beat an intensive quality assurance inspection to make sure that each vehicle comes with that new feel and look that you might look for in a vehicle. Shopping at a best used car dealership assures that you obtain a great quality automobile that has fulfilled the standards of an organizations specializing in cars and it also comes with benefits like increasing your credit score.


Buying a used car from toyoto dealership renders some assurances that you would not get from any individual seller. Every vehicle goes through inspections for quality, reliability and functionality and also comes with warranty features. Moreover, Toyota Dealerships

New Trends in Auto Repair Shops

There are new trends that are defining how people interact with auto repair shops. Changes from automobile manufacturers and economic factors are influencing these changes, and we’ve got an update on the most recent changes.

People keeping their Cars Longer

People are now holding onto their vehicles longer than ever before. This trend seems to have begun during the economic recession almost a decade ago. According to HIS automotive, one in four cars was manufactured before the year 2000. The cost of buying a new car has risen significantly. Many people feel they can’t afford to buy a new automobile especially one that they like.

This has forced people to pay more attention to their cars. More people are visiting auto-repair shops to get routine checks done on their vehicle. The good thing is that cars are lasting longer than they did before, as their owners are more conscious about how to maintain them.

Car Owners Want Modifications

People are taking their cars to have new modifications done now more than ever before. In the past, it was enthusiasts who would typically seek out these modifications. Internet connectivity has probably played its part in getting people to have a few adjustments done. Also, it may

Hyundai Elite i20 – AutoPortal on the elite car from Hyundai

The Hyundai Motors India Limited is the second largest automobile company in India. In their Indian portfolio, the Elite i20 is one of their important products, always finding a place in list of the top ten best selling cars of India. Launched in 2011 as i20 the car got a facelift in 2014 with a new name the Elite i20. More powerful Elite i20 Active has been launched in March 2015.


Variants and prices

Presently the Elite i20 comes in 5 petrol and 5 diesel variants in the trims of Era, Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta (O). The petrol variants have 5-speed manual transmission and the diesel variants 6-speed manual transmission. The variants are priced Rupees 5.34 to 8.80 lakh. Also Check About Chevrolet Orlando Price in India, Specs, Photos, Mileage Visit at


The Elite i20 built with the Korean ‘Fluidic Design Philosophy’ has a body comparable with any other hatchback in the segment. The attractive fascia has features like wrap-around headlamps, hexagonal grille with chrome linings and a body coloured bumper with a wide air dam and trapezoidal fog lamps. The

How to Extend the Life of Your Car with Auto Repair and Maintenance Akron

You must have invested a lot on your dream car and with so much at stake you should keep your car in a dazzling condition as long as you can. Take your car for regular auto repair and maintenance in Akron, so that you can keep things under control and maximize the life of your car. The more you use your car, the faster will be the wear and tear of the parts. Regular maintenance is therefore absolutely necessary.

Cars are not meant to be parked in garages, but make sure you don’t put unnecessary pressure on your vehicle. Maintain good driving habits and never skip maintenance routines. You can find a number of agencies which offer automotive maintenance in Akron Ohio, so ensure you take best care of your car. Here are some automotive maintenance Akron Ohio tips which will help you extend the longevity of your vehicle:

Keep a Check on the Car Fluids and Filters

Make sure the car fluids are kept clean and changed frequently so that they don’t clog the filters. If you don’t change the fluids for long, it will result in building harmful deposits which affects the power and efficiency of your car and the fuel

When to Change Engine Oil to Ensure Vehicle Maintenance and Service

Changing engine oil is a simple and quick service. It is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and there is a strong reason behind this. If you miss out on oil changes, your engine will not perform up to its capacity and may even not last that long. So, it is important to know about when to change your engine oil. Most people are not really sure about it, and thus do it early or leave it for a later time.

While following the manufacturer’s recommendations is the right way to go about it, but there are instances when it doesn’t really tell you the right time to change engine oil. Manufacturer’s recommendations are based on the miles your vehicle has run, but doesn’t take into account other factors that may be specific to you. So, you can’t always rely on these recommendations.

You can even seek advice from local mechanics, but as they address different cars in terms of make, age, mileage, their recommendations may not always be up to the mark. While regular oil changes wouldn’t do much harm to your vehicle at that moment time, but if things go wrong, you may have to

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (also referred to as PDR) is known for about two decades, but has picked up popularity in USA and Arizona in particular only in recent years. To put it short, it has totally changed the cost, easiness and speed of vehicle dent repair. In contrast to standard repair methods, during the PDR process automobile’s original manufactured condition is preserved.

An art rather than a science, the method demands critical finesse on the part of the repairer. Using either fluorescent lighting or a light-reflection board, mechanic utilizes the PDR reading instrument as a guide with which to push dings and dents out with metal rods and body picks from the inside of the damaged panel to their former position. In hard to reach locations, special adhesives and small studs are sometimes utilized to pull the dings and dents out from the outside of the panel.

The significant thing about PDR is that it’s a prompt and relatively cheap repair technique which guarantees outstanding results in many cases comparing to the traditional panel beating. In Phoenix, owners of damaged automotive can take their mean of transportation to an educated paintless dent repair technician and have small damage mended while they spend

Importance of Properly Working Brakes

Working brakes are not just a safety feature but a regulatory function that is vital to the overall operation of every truck, SUV, car and vehicle that is operating on the road today.

Cars and trucks transport some of the most precious people in your life on a daily basis whether it is on the way to school, work or to the playground or a mall. With cargo as special as this it is important to make sure that every part of the vehicle works at its best all the time. Since there is no product that is manufactured or guaranteed to last forever so replacement or repair is a common fact of life.

Brakes are one of the most critical safety systems in every vehicle since their primary purpose is to bring the equipment to a complete stop at the appropriate signs, lights and when it is time to shut the car off. There are many moving parts to this system and each one is under a lot of stress especially when heat and cold are environmental factors that cannot be controlled. When you need to have your brakes checked it is necessary to have a repair station or mechanic that

Master the Art of Car Washing with these Tips

Your car is not just the medium of transportation, it’s definitely much more than that and you would like to keep in the best of the condition for years. Taking care of your car is the major responsibility which comes with its purchase. Car washing is an art which you could master over time and save a lot of money by not visiting any service station in future. Following are some of the cool cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep your car glowing for years to come, staying away from those hefty care stations bills. Have a look:

Cleaning the Exteriors

1. Remove the dirt

Use a blower or compressor to blow away the dirt present on the surface of the car. Also stream the surface and the wheels to perfectly wash out the dust from the car. Once the car is wet and dust is removed, you can further continue with the process of how to clean a car.

2. Clean the alloy wheels

Hose the wheels and scrub them properly with the help of a sponge. Don’t apply acidic solutions to the alloys as they might react with them, resulting in de-coloring and can also damage the original paint.

3. Scrub your

Truck Driving 101 Sharing The Basics of How to Become a Truck Driver

Truck driving will be the just right occupation for various people. As a matter of fact, certainly not as plain as only knowing how to drive at the back a big steering wheel. Since April 1, 1992, truck drivers of all ages were required to control a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) so as to work a commercial motor vehicle. To acquire hold of a CDL, one has to train and equip himself by going into truck driver training and attending truck driving classes.

You’ll find a number of requirements for a person to be able to go in truck driving programs. Usually, the minimum age for an individual to submit an application for a truck driving school is 18. If a person desires to work in another territory, he has to be at slightest 21 years old. It goes without saying, a driver’s license is looked-for. Confirmation of residency in the United States or Green Card could also be a requisite. Several associations that offer truck driver training oblige a spotless driving record as well, such as no reckless convictions, failed or refused drug or alcohol test, and further than four moving violations in the previous three or four years.

Truck driver

How to Prevent a Windshield Crack, Its Spreading and Growing

At one point or another, the windscreen of a car is sure to break due to several reasons. The problems that come to a car leave their mark as a crack. It is a well known fact to all of us that driving a car with a crack is not easy, it block the view and can cause more damage to the vehicle and the driver. If the crack is the sight line then it can be fatal in certain cases. There are companies located in every area that offers windscreen repair or replacement services. Companies that offer insurance to the vehicle have different terms and conditions which the user needs to follow. Most of the time, insurance companies can get it replaced while other times there is no deductible on windshield repair and replacement. Here are a few things that you can perform as temporary fixes for a broken or cracked windshield.

  • Super Glue: Super glue is a very interesting solution. It can fix nearly everything. So using this glue on the inside and outside of the crack can help in temporarily fixing the crack. The glue will temporarily hold the crack together and stop it from spreading.
  • Nail Polish: Every

Automatic Transmission Repair Signals

If your car has an automatic transmission, you can anticipate a payment of more for maintenance than if you had a stick shift. This is because the systems can be complicated, and the automatic mechanic may have to open the device box. Parts for automatic transmission signals are also costly, so anticipate a payment of more if the problem is a flattened narrow, broken twisting ripper, or similar automatic problem.

Automatic transmission signals need to have their liquid modified every 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers to prevent destructive the system. This type of transmission produces heat while it is working, so the liquid degrades eventually. If your transmission system overheats, which is recognized by a strong burnt fragrance, then the liquid needs to be modified instantly? When the liquid degrades, the transmission system will break down more quickly and gradually may need to get modified – this is an expensive fix. The best way to prevent this problem is change your transmitting liquid on routine.

The most popular automatic transmission problem is leak. Most automobile’s liquid is red, so if you see a red mess when you move your automobile, it’s almost certainly the transmitting liquid. If you have to restore your transmitting

Great Car Performance Upgrades

Cars are great machines if you have them serviced at the right place. There are some factors that one may need to consider before deciding where to have your car repaired.

Repairs for your Infiniti G35

The Infiniti G35 was launched as an entry level luxury car. The car gives a very good performance however like every other machine there is scope for improvement. With a G35 Performance Part the car can perform better. Sometimes parts for your G35 may be hard to come by especially if you want performance parts. There are a few places where you can find the particular G35 Performance Part that you seek. You could search online to see if there is any place who stocks G35 parts. The G35 does have its fair share of problems such as oil burning caused by faulty piston rings. The brake pads of the G35 tend to wear out very fast too. Getting yourself associated with a good workshop that can take care of these problems is a great find

370z Performance Part

The Nissan 370z was built for speed, however sometimes the look of a car makes you expect more than it can actually give. You can expect to get a

The Different Cost In Relation To a Windscreen

A feature which is provided in the cars for the purpose of safety, it is specially designed to ensure that if in case you meet up with a collision you will not be thrown outside the car. If a windshield is broken or cracked,

Varied cost

The windscreen replacement costs is not a one which is fixed, the cost varies according to the repair type and how severe the damage is. The cost of replacing or repairing may be of a wide range in few circumstances it will be around ten dollars while in few other situations it can go up to the maximum of few hundred dollars.

Average cost when replacing the windscreen

Usually the average cost lies between dollar 20 to 325 for replacement or repairs of the windscreen. The deciding factor for the cost is not only the type of repair or damage but that also considers the variety of glass you select, the vehicle type and the service brand which you prefer.

Cost of the wind screen in the front

The cost is decided based on the screen whether it is in the back or front. Usually the front windshield is more costly than the ones in the back. On the average

Understanding the Importance of electrostatic discharge standards

Within the past decade, the safety and reliability standards for automotive electronics have changed significantly as new technologies have evolved. Technologies that used to be sold as options, including stability control and antilock brakes, are now offered as standard features in most vehicles. Today’s innovative automotive electronics enable lane-departure warning, vehicle communications, and night vision.

This shift in design and manufacturing mandates that designers understand the demands of the automotive certification standard that extends beyond the protection requirements for consumer electronics. However, designing for the automotive standard involves several technology challenges.

As automotive integrated circuits continue getting smaller and faster, they become more susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). In addition, the automotive environment is marked by harsh electrical transients, which are simulated during automotive certification testing.

This article makes practical application of automotive standards, circuits, and solutions to help circuit designers create robust, reliable designs. First, it highlights the testing requirements of two test standards and discusses the most common types of automotive circuits requiring protection. Then, it identifies advanced circuit protection technologies for several automotive applications that should be implemented early in the design phase to ensure safety and reliability.

Measuring up to automotive test standards

Valeo launches remote control defrosting

Valeo estimates that the company’s new Remote Clean4U windshield defrosting and cleaning system, shown at 2015 IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) for the first time, consumes 28 times less energy than an electric defrosting system.

The system uses Valeo’s Aquablade wiper blade system to distribute defrosting fluid. This is not sprayed onto the windshield like washer fluid, instead, the Aquablade system sprays the fluid onto the windscreen immediately ahead of the blade, then the windshield wipers clear away the frost, one section at a time with the wiper blades stopping after the segment has been cleared while more defrosting fluid is spread and the next section cleared. Valeo claims that the system clears a windshield in less than 90 s at a temperature of -20°C (-4°F).

The defroster system is connected to the Aquablade system in parallel with a windshield debugging (cleaner) system. An ECU controls either the windshield debugging washer pump or defroster pump as required, and the fluids are distributed to both wiper blades.

A smart phone app can be used to trigger either operation before the driver enters the car, ensuring the windshield is ice- or bug-free when the driver is ready to go. It could

Volkswagen re engineers Tiguan

Volkswagen’s original Tiguan compact SUV of 2007 was too expensive and too thirsty to achieve blockbuster sales during the segment’s emergence as a key source of sales. But it achieved worldwide sales of 2.64 million during its production run, providing a strong foundation for the next-generation version, introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The company has aggressively addressed the original Tiguan’s shortcomings, building the new generation version on its high-volume, low-cost modular transverse matrix (MQB) platform used for the Golf and other compact models. This has produced a vehicle that is longer, lower, wider, and more car-like than its predecessor.

Illustrating the anticipated range of uses for a crossover SUV, the Tiguan debuted in both on-road and off-road-centric configurations along with a hybrid-electric concept of a future efficiency-focused Tiguan GTE model.

While the Tiguan’s cargo capacity has increased 10% to 18.4 ft³ (521 L), the vehicle is 110 lb (243 lb) lighter than before. Overall length is up 2.4 in (61 mm) to 176.6 in (4486 mm) and width is increased 1.2 in (31 mm) to 72.4 in (1839 mm). Height is reduced by 1.3 in (33 mm) to 64.3 in (1633 mm). The lower roof combines

4 Common Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting Stainless Exhaust Components

Selecting the best and effective components is essential for performing the vehicle-repairing works in an easier way. These tools will decide for the functionality and efficient running of the vehicles on the road. Therefore, it is needed for you to select the best one and used them for repairing the vehicle in an easier way. Different types of products are available in the market and you can pick the suitable one for your use.

When you are going to select stainless exhaust components for your vehicle repairing needs, you need to keep some of the most common things in your mind. These common things will help you in selecting the best and optimum quality products for your use: –

Design – It is needed for you to consider for the design of these parts. This is because, if they are perfect in their design, then they will surely add some kinds of uniqueness to the look of your vehicle. A perfectly designed part can also be installed easily by the experts for their effective functioning.

Finishing – Make sure that the selected parts are finished properly by the experts for their safe and easy fittings. If they are finished properly,